My daughter Alice, born with Downs Syndrome, is no different to any other human being. She feels what you and I feel. I wonder how it might be for Alice to be valued without distinction, without exception and without second glance. This project is for her, for Alice. - Sian Davey


SPOTLIGHT: Photography Katja Kremenic

Katja Kremenic is a talented freelance photographer from Ljubljana, Slovenia, who currently based in Berlin, Germany.

She’s got a real knack for telling stories in cinematic masterpieces captures throughout her many travels and life experiences.

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Edun FW2014

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"Read between the lines.
Then meet me in the silence if you can"

May Sarton (via theglasschild)


Portrait Photography Twists Reality by Sean Mundy

Article collected from iGNANT.de. Visit source.

22-year-old photographer Sean Mundy creates images that are simplistic, but rich with meaning. Mundy wants people to see meaning in his pictures where he never intended there to be meaning. He is drawing inspiration from simple sources, a single feeling, moments in life or nature.
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“Complements Project” by Sobierajski & Jeffree

Article collected from iGNANT.de. Visit source.

Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree created the Complements Project born from their desire to collaborate, exploring their complementary relationship through portrait photography. 


Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray seen today @ Scuderie Del Quirinale, Rome

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” 
― Frida Kahlo


Gabriele Galimberti

Delicatessen with Love

1. Jenya Shalikashuili, 58 years old – Alaverdi, Armenia. – Tolma (roll of beef and rice wrapped into grape leaves)

2. Marisa Batini, 80 years old – Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy. Swiss chard and ricotta Ravioli with meat sauce 

3. Serette Charles, 63 years old – Saint-Jean du Sud, Haiti. Lambi in creole sauce. 

4. Maria Luz Fedric, 53 years old – Cayman Islands. Honduran Iguana with rice and beans.

5. Wadad Achi, 66 years old – Beirut, Lebanon. Mjadara (rice and lentils cream)

6. Regina Lifumbo, 53 years old – Mchinji, Malawi. Finkubala (Caterpillar in tomato sauce)

7. Inara Runtule, 68 years old – Kekava, Latvia. Silke €“ (herring with potatoes and cottage cheese) 

8. Ana Lucia Souza Pascoal, 53 years old – €“ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fejoada light.

9. Brigitta Fransson, 70 years old – Stockholm, Sweden. Inkokt Lax – (poached cold salmon and vegetables)

10. Julia Enaigua, 71 years old – La Paz, Bolivia. Queso Humacha (vegetables and fresh cheese soup)

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